Alain Tai Nan installed as Abbot of La Gendronnière24 Aug 2021

In April of this year (2021) Alain Tai Nan, our first zen teacher, was installed as abbot of La Gendronnière, the mother temple of the Deshimaru Lineage in Europe. You can see some images of the event here.

Alain is wearing the bright red kolomo of an abbot and a kesa that belonged to Master Kodo Sawaki. It is a 25-band kesa sewn by the disciples of Kodo Sawaki for their teacher. The kesa was given to Alain by Kōshu Itabashi Zenji in Gotanjoji Temple, Japan, more than fifteen years ago.

After the Ceremony standing in front of the big bell at La Gendronière

Wearing a 25-band kesa of Kodo Sawaki

Alain on the steps of La Gendro chateau