First Days of Spring Sesshin at Earth+Sky Zen25 Jan 2021

There will be a, First Days of Spring Sesshin, at the last weekend of January, starting on Saturday evening, January 30th, and ending on Monday morning, February 1st, Imbolc in the Celtic Calendar and the Feast of Saint Brigid. For timetable and zoom details, send us an email.

And here is an outline of Sesshins for the year, following the Celtic calendar and keeping pace with the seasons.

Saturday evening, January 30th - Monday Morning, February 1st, Imbolc

Saturday evening, March 20th - Monday Morning, March 22nd, Spring Equinox

Saturday evening, May 1st - Monday Morning, May 3rd. Bealtaine.

Saturday evening, June 19th - Monday Morning, June 21st Summer Solstice.

Saturday evening, July 31st - Saturday, August 7th (Summer Sesshin, Lúnasa).

Saturday evening, Sept. 18th - Monday Morning, Sept 20th, Autumnal Equinox (not quite, but close).

Saturday evening, Oct. 30th - Monday Morning, Nov. 1st, Samhain.

Saturday evening, Dec. 18th - Monday Morning Dec. 20th Winter Solstice.

Please find the poster here