‘Therefore, put aside the intellectual practice

of investigating words and chasing phrases, and learn to take the backward step that turns the light and shines it inward. Body and mind of themselves will drop away, and your original face will manifest.’

Fukan-Zazengi, Dogen (1200-1253)

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News - Sesshin at Hallowe’en and Zazen Days in Galway and Dublin.

The sangha re-convened on the Aran Islands this year for the annual retreat in Killeany Lodge. During the first few days we listened to the stormy wind and rain and the occasional cow’s moo, later in the week we could hear the cattle munching on grass in the calm mornings, and the waves lapping against the cliffs half a kilometre away. The next sesshin will be in Athenry at Hallowe’en, starting on Friday evening, Oct. 23 and ending on Monday, Oct. 26 after lunch. On Sunday Sept. 13 there will be a Zazen Day in the Galway Dojo, and there will be a Zazen Day in the Dublin Dojo on Sunday September 20. Send us an email for further information.

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